.22 Magnum Pistol Build (Part 1)

The next build is… Surprise! A single shot pistol!  A bit stir-crazy the other night, so I ripped off a quick sketch and headed into the shop. The new pistol has derringer-like features but is definitely not a derringer. Doing some new things with this one; for example since I won’t be using a flat-spring for the hammer the shape of the grip-frame is arbitrary. I decided to do a ‘generic’ grip frame that could be fully enclosed by the grip, which opens up a lot of leeway in the final grip-shape. There will be some other refinements on previous designs, but things that work- like the plunger-type lock- will be retained from other builds.

First step- carefully cut out the outline of the gun and trace it onto .262″ 5160 Spring-steel with a Sharpy-marker. This includes the shape of the barrel as that finished shape, thickness etc. has yet to be determined at this point.
Here’s a shot of the sketch showing a rough idea of the mechanism. The hammer-spur has been cut off so I can trace the shape of the frame.
Here’s the frame partially cut out. You can see the method used to cut the inside curves- a series of short, thin cuts that can be easily cut out. Then the inside curve can easily be smoothed out with the belt-grinder.
Here’s the finished cut before smoothing.
The recess for the trigger was cut in the same fashion. Here’s the frame compared to the original sketch.  Note that on the sketch the hinge at the front was originally going to be in the barrel assembly, but at this point I decided to mount the hinge on the lower portion of the frame.
Originally I was intending to make the barrel assembly out of 1/2″ mild-steel but since my equipment is not up to boring a 3-1/2″ hole straight enough. I resorted to boring the hole in 3/4″ steel then thinning and squaring it. I cut and filed the slot in the lug ay the bottom-front of the barrel to a snug fit on the frame. The protrusion on the top will he hollowed out for the front sight
The two side-plates were traced from the sketch and cut out of 1/8″ mild steel, then the center 1/4″ 5150 central frame was cut to allow room for the mechanism. The rifled barrel-liner can be seen below
Here are all of the bits temporarily assembled to give an idea of the final form. The grip-shape is not quite the final shape; this is just what I whipped up for the photo. This gives a good idea of the finished form of the gun.  The next step is to pin and solder the central frame onto the left side plate for for the finished frame, drill and tap a few holes then start working on the mechanism.

I haven’t decided whether to leave the barrel protruding or to trim of off even at 3-1/2″as I had originally planned; I suspect the final decision will be based on esthetics as much as anything. The grip will almost certainly be walnut, as will the fore-stock. Yes, there will be a Contender-like fore-stock. Mostly because I thought it would look cool that way.

Not sure when the next installment will be; sooner than it ought to be most likely; I’m getting pretty excited about this build.

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