I’m Michael Tinker Pearce. I’m a sword and knife-maker by trade, and an author. I’ve been involved with guns most of my life. This blog is simply a place to record and discuss my thoughts and experience.  In my time I’ve been a couple different sorts of competition shooter and worked in law enforcement and private security.

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  1. jack oliver

    mr. pearce, my name is jack oliver from kingsville texas. i’m a retired policeman and gun collector. if i could call you for a piece of advice on a british bulldog, it would solve a mystery that is driving me nuts. i am restoring this piece and cannot figure out one item in the reassembly. maybe you can help. thanks and best regards to you and yours.

  2. João Paulo Buechem

    Mister Pearce

    My name is João Paulo Buechem, I’m a police officer from Brazil, and a Big fan of your work. I wonder if it would be possible to convert an S&W lemon squezzer to fire .32 acp ammunition?

    1. tinker1066 Post author

      Hello! Yes, it would be possible, but the gun is not strong enough for those loads and would quickly shoot loose at the very least. I don’t think this would be a safe conversion. Sorry!

  3. Kevin Seal

    Mr. Pierce, I appreciate your common sense approach to firearms and personal protection. Also, your experiments remind me of a time when gun magazines contained similar articles. Those were enjoyable times. Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep up the good work!

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