.22 Magnum Pistol Build (Part 2)

Between doing things that actually make money I got a few more hours in on this project. Having a bit more experience this time around is making a difference; this one is going rather faster than previous builds. The work shown here was spread out over a couple of evenings, though some odd small bits were done while glue was drying.

The chamber is reamed for .22 Magnum and burnished with a hardened steel rod. hopefully this will be significantly smoother than some of my past chambers…
The crowned muzzle. Smoothed to 600 grit, then chamfered carefully by hand with a conical reamer and polished. This has been very successful in the past so I have every faith it will work this time as well.
1/16″ brass pins secured the central frame sections to the right-hand side plate, then they were carefully silver-soldered and cleaned up. The frame is now permanently assembled.
Holes in the frame drilled and tapped for the assembly screws. these start life as 8-32 Allen-head screws, but eventually will wind up as slotted screws.
Sideplate mounted. the screws will be recessed and shortened, then slotted later in the build.
The barrel hinge-screw has been drilled and tapped. The hammer has been cut out and placed in the frame.
The hammer is now milled for the mainspring, and I fabricated the hinge-screw, which protrudes from the side plate; the mechanism can be assembled and tested without the side plate. I wound the mainspring from music-wire and mounted it, but it was getting late so pictures will have to wait. The trigger and lock are next. Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day which I traditionally take off work so I imagine I’ll finish the build tomorrow.

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