.380 ACP with 95gr. Cast-and-Coated Bullets

“Optimized for Secret Agents.” Hey, I’m just reading what’s on the box!

No, I don’t know how these bullets are optimized for secret agents. I suspect someone at Missouri Bullet Company has a sense of humor and doesn’t know James Bond’s PPK was a .32 ACP.

I’m waiting for a tool to arrive to replace the one tool in my shop I pretty much can’t do anything without, and I was recently given a box of 1000 of these 95gr. bullets so it seemed like a good time to try these out. They look good and are very consistent in weight and diameter as you might expect from this company, with a black coating designed to reduce leading.

I could not find load data among my usual trusted sources for a 95gr. cast bullet, so I pored over other loads for a while and settled in 3.8gr. of Unique. I have Magtech no.1-1/2 small pistol primers and used those. The average of five shots from a 2-3/4″ barrel was 800 fps. on the nose, with an extreme spread of 82 fps.

These bullets are at 18 Brinell hardness which is pretty hard, and between that, the coating and the appropriate velocity I have no concerns about leading. All loads cycled the gun properly, but Linda’s Sig P-238 needed to re-strike the Magtech primers on three occasions. I have noted that these primers are unusually hard, and several of our guns have issues with them. *shrug*

So looks like a useful and reasonable target load. I’ll add it to the Reloads page.

Stay safe and take care,

Michael Tinker Pearce, 20 March 2023

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