Chopped S&W M1917 Snubby Pictures

So I cut the 1917 tp 2″ for ballistics tests, which went pleasingly well. I decided I liked the look, but the wood grips seemed out-of-character for the gun and the front sight, which was quick-and-dirty for testing, needed to go.

Front sight is too thin, and the grips seem a bit out of character for the gun. Time for some changes.

I un-soldered and removed the front sight, widened the groove slightly, then fabricated a new half-round front sight to fit and soldered it in place. Looks the business and works well.

As for the grips I raided my stack of antler and on finding a suitable section I cut slabs for the grips. They came out quite well, in a comfortable shape with a lot of ‘bark’ on either side. I finished them with lacquer, then decided I needed a grip adapter. I did not find a suitable piece of antler for one, but I ran across some American Holly. Well why not?

So here are the finished results. I expect I might much about with little tweaks for a while, then decide whether to strip it and rust blue it.

Gotta admit, this thing looks like a brute!
Looks much more the business with the half-round front sight…

…and the antler grips and the grip adapter complete the ‘classic’ look. The American Holly complements the antler.

The 40 LPI serrations on the hammer allow it to be easily thumb-cocked despite the bobbed hammer.

I expected I would want to replace the barrel after my tests, but found I really liked it with the short barrel. Still as bit of this and that to do; smoothing the trigger-face, mounting a detent in the crane etc. but I’m really diggin’ this.

Stay safe and take care,

Michael Tinker Pearce, 10 December 2022

2 thoughts on “Chopped S&W M1917 Snubby Pictures

  1. Brett

    40 years ago I remember reading a gun magazine article about an NYC Narco Detective that carried a S&W .44 Triple Lock that had been cut down to a snubby. I don’t remember the details, ie, barrel length, round butt (or not). But I do remember he had Keith SWC bullets and how they “peaked out of their cavernous chambers”. I really like your treatment of your 1917.


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