9mm Shoot-Off!

I have three 9mm pistols that would be reasonable to carry for self-defense. OK, the Beretta Model 1951 is pretty questionable. The three guns are the aforementioned Beretta, a Sig-Sauer P-6 and a CZ P-07.

Both the CZ and the Sig-Sauer have better features than the Beretta for a carry gun. The CZ has a capacity advantage. Theoretically being a single-action the Beretta has an advantage there; the other two both have a double-action first shot.

The ammo I used was a random mix of standard-velocity 115gr. Ball, 115, 125 and 147gr. JHPs and 125gr. SJHPs. None of the guns experienced a malfunction that was not directly ammo-related; a couple rounds were underpowered and one was a squib. (some of the ammo was quite old.)


The first drill was three shots at three yards, with some complicating factors. Managing three holsters was more of a pain than I wanted to deal with today, so the drill was the load three rounds in each of the guns, then the guns were set on the table next to my phone (I was using the the Make Ready .app.) When ready I would press the ‘start’ button with my right hand, grab the gun and fire three shots without using the sights. I repeated this several times with both one and two handed grips.

The double-action guns tended to throw the first shot a bit wide, the Beretta held the tightest groups but was strangely the slowest. None of the guns exhibited unacceptable accuracy or handling characteristics.

This was timed, and one-hand shooting was not notably slower than two-hand. Here are the averages:

Beretta Model 1951- 1.87 seconds

Sig-Sauer P6- 1.62 seconds

CZ P-07- 1.37 seconds

The CZ stood out as the easiest to grab and get on target. Given that all guns achieved acceptable hits, so I have to call the CZ the winner of round one.


For this test each gun fired five timed shots at a rate of 1 shot per second. Guns were fired standing unsupported using a two-hand grip. First shots for both Sig-Sauer and the CZ guns were fired double-action.

First the Beretta-

All five rounds hit to the right and one was off-target.

Next was the Sig-Sauer P-6-

The partial red dot at the bottom-left indicates the shot that missed the target.

This gun grouped low but reasonably well-centered. Two shots were off-target.

Last was the CZ P-07-

The CZ performed decently, but I need practice.

Once again the P-07 takes the field; I suspect the comparatively lousy sights on the Beretta made the difference here.

Five-Yard Rapid-Fire

This is where the Beretta really distinguished itself. I shot these at the back of the target to distinguish them from the previous hits. These were five shots also; in deference to the DA/SA guns it was a single shot followed by two paired shot groups. I’m only showing the Beretta’s target because after that it got too hard to separate out the hits by gun. I’ve marked the five shots that struck the paper from this side.

The Beretta is a rapid-fire machine!

The Beretta rocked this test, shooting a remarkably tight group very, very quickly. The others were acceptable but two to three times this size.

The Conclusion?

The CZ P-07 won two of the three tests, so it seems like the way forward. Next I think a shoot-off between this and the Detonics Combat Master .45. That should be interesting.

Stay safe and take care.

Michael Tinker Pearce, 29 May 2022

3 thoughts on “9mm Shoot-Off!

  1. Michael Silvius

    I tend to shoot low with my P-6 as well. Have you changed out the original 24lb mainspring in the P-6 for the lighter 19lb one? Might make a big difference. I did in mine, and though I have not had a chance to shoot it yet, the double action pull is much more manageable than before.


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