Ruger SR9- Up Close

I posted a Youtube video about this gun, but I’m still learning and thought some close-ups might be a useful supplement to the video. So, here they are-

Big enough to use for duty, not too big for EDC. Slide lock is small but useable, safety is positive and easy to use, but too small to ride with my thumb as I’d prefer.

The safety is ambidextrous, the slide lock is not. The magazine release is brilliant; push it in from either side and the magazine drops clear. I love this.

The slide lock is smallish and it can be used to release the slide, but you’d be better off sling-shotting it.

Here’s the weirdly prominent loaded chamber indicator. It’s not in the way or anything and It’s useful, it just seems excessive.

Elevation-adjustable rear sight. That’s a pretty nice bonus on an economical service-type gun.

Punching out the pin at the bottom of the grip-frame allows you to reverse the backstrap is you prefer a more rounded profile.

So there you have it- just a little more detail to supplement the video.


Interesting. I called Ruger and they gave me instructions for sending the gun in. They also gave me some history on the gun- it was in in 2018 and rebuilt because it was basically worn out! The barrel was not replaced.

Who sent it in? Champion Arms, the indoor range where I am a member. It appears this may have been a range-rental gun. Given the price I paid I’d have still bought it knowing that, but it would have been nice to know. As expected Ruger customer service was super-nice and professional. They suspect a barrel replacement is in order.

Stay safe and take care.

Michael Tinker Pearce, 19 January 2022

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