Quick Shot: Magazine Adaptation

Beretta Model 1951. Note the mag release at the bottom/rear of the grip and the corresponding notch in the magazine.

Just before Christmas I was alerted to a flash sale. I had a look, though usually these are obscure spare parts for weird guns no has heard of or common early 20th C. Milsurp rifles. This time they had magazines for my beloved Beretta Model 1951 at a genuinely good price, and we’re not talking Promag, Triple K or even Maadi here. These were genuine Beretta magazines! I love my old guns and mags can get expensive so I snatched some right up.

I also love my Sig Sauer P6, but I only had a single spare mag. I’d bought a couple of Promags but of course they were crap and I sacrificed them to a project. But I did note that they were a remarkably good fit in the Beretta. So the Beretta mags ought to fit in the P6…

P6 magazine on the right, M1951 on the left. Gotta say, those are mighty similar...
Yep. That Beretta Mag fits just fine, and when I held it in place it cycled rounds through the gun like a champ.

Of course the notch for the mag-catch is in a wrong place, but that’s what Dremel tools are for, am I wrong? I carefully marked the magazine, disassembled it and gently cut a notch for the Sig’s magazine-catch. I’ll be damned… it works.

Loads, releases, cycles. That’s what a magazine needs to do.

Now I have another magazine for the P6. Of course that little bitty notch in no way affects it’s ability to be used in the Beretta too. Might be I should convert a few more…

Stay Safe and take care,

Michael Tinker Pearce, 8 January 2022

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