Go On Then, Tell Us How You really Feel

S&W 2nd Model hand Ejector in .45 Colt, modified for concealed-carry.

As readers here know I modify old guns. It’s a hobby with practical applications. I delight in taking old guns, particularly revolvers, that are on their way to the trash-heap of history and giving them new life as useful, practical weapons.

I buy them in bad, non-collectible or even non-functional condition, make them work and change them to suit my preferences. I am a skilled metal-worker and by this point a pretty decent amateur gunsmith. I use proper metal-working and/or gunsmithing tools and I do a good job. I take pride in craftsmanship, both in my day job and my hobby. The guns I modify are well done and good enough that I can and do bet my life on them.

‘Avenging Angel’ in .38 Colt Short, formerly a cap-and-ball reproduction and modelled after an historic example.

Readers of this blog seldom have an issue with these pursuits; I imagine it’s part of what you all come here for. But I post in gun groups on Facebook and gun forums as well. Folks on gun forums are pretty good about their responses. On social media most people are polite and considerate in their responses even if they disagree with my choices. But there always ‘that guy’ that has to make a snarky comment about Dremel Tools or ‘Bubba-ing.’ BTW, I know a gunsmith who is actually named Bubba, and I’ve never seen him do anything egregious to a firearm. But I digress…

Yet another priceless relic brutally defaced- a sporterized M38 7.35mm Carcano converted to a Mannlicher-style carbine for close-quarters hunting. Oh, the humanity!

These folks are mortally offended that a gun has been altered by a normal person, or indeed at all. I have defaced a sacred artifact; I am a vandal destroying our legacy and erasing history. The hair-tearing and gnashing of teeth is distracting, but typically I shrug and scroll down. Usually the worst I experience is a momentary sense of irritation before I forget about them and get on with my life.

Arguably I’m asking for it. We all know what social media is about and how it works. Let’s face it, my motivation for posting these things is hardly pure; yes. I am sharing with fellow enthusiasts but I am also, frankly, showing off. Approval seeking. Mia culpa. I ‘m not perfect and we all have our little flaws. If this were my biggest flaw I’d feel pretty good, actually. It should also be obvious by this point that I let one of these clowns get under my skin, or else I wouldn’t be posting this. Oops- still human.

If I am going to post on social media I need to pull up my big-boy pants and accept that people are gonna be shits sometimes. Grow a thicker skin, and get better at shrugging and scrolling down. It will be better for my blood-pressure, my state of mind and my life if I simply overlook the trollish, Fudd-virtue-signaling jerks that have to snark to because they have no other reason to feel good about themselves or their lives.

OK, it’s a work-in-progress. I’ll keep working.

Stay safe and take care

Michael Tinker Pearce, 20 December 2021

1 thought on “Go On Then, Tell Us How You really Feel

  1. Brett

    I purposely buy ax murdered guns to rebuild into “custom” firearms. I would not cut up or modify one in good shape. My Jeep gun is a Colt New Service that had been seriously messed up in a prior life. I reshaped the grip frame to take Pachmyer Ruger Security Six round butt grips, rebarreled (it had none) and rechambered from .455 to .45 Colt, and made some wide sights for it. It hits point of aim at 25 yds with 255 gr LSWC handloads. BTW that grip feels crazy good


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