Face-Lift Follow-Up

I’ve learned a bit more about this gun, and been to the range this morning so there is fresh information. The slide is not wartime production; it’s a post-war replacement slide made by  MKB MFG CORP, sometimes called a ‘hard slide’ because… well, because it’s harder than the earlier slides. The barrel and slide are both marked 5129,and the marking is very professional; it seems possible that whoever manufactured them provided them as a set, but with no identifying marks or serial number on the frame there’s no telling… yet. I still have feelers out for more information.

At the range this morning I brought five of the magazines that came with the gun, four seven-shot mags and one eight shot. I brought two loads- one a light 185gr XTP JHP load and the other a 200gr. LSWC, more of a mid-range load.

The 185gr. load is too light; the slide usually didn’t recoil far enough to engage the slide-stop, and occasionally would not go fully into battery when loading the next round. Accuracy was acceptable, though I was testing for function and not focusing on it. The gun consistently shoots a bit low.

7 yards at a one shot per second cadence, with a center-hold on the paper. Acceptable, if the 185gr loads were powerful enough to reliably cycle the gun.

The 200gr LSWCs were much better in that they cycled the gun reliably. Accuracy was acceptable. The gun shot a bit low again, so I will be lowering the front sight slightly.

& yards, one shot per second, this time with the 200gr. LSWCs. On the whole it’s a little low, and the pulling to the right was all me.

Last I did a magazine of double-taps. On the first one the second shot hit just below the paper, and on the second double-tap the second bullet clipped the bottom. I corrected my grip and suddenly the last two double taps were dialed right in. Nice!

I put a total of 150 rounds downrange, including the under-powered 185gr. loads, and I like the new configuration. I’ll modify the front sight a wee bit to bring the point of impact up, but that will be it for now.

Michael Tinker Pearce, 5 November 2020

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