The Humble Opinel- It’s Tactical as Hell!

If you don’t know about these already you need to. This is the classic Opinel folder. It’s simple, cheap, traditional and from a certain viewpoint it’s tactical as hell.

The classic Opinel folder, a staple for sportsmen, campers and craftsmen for over a century- and it’s just as useful today as it ever was.

When you actually look up the definition ‘Tactical’ is not about black guns, rip-stop nylon and Kydex- it’s about having a plan, and these knives fit into a plan like nobody’s business.

They are cheap, they are good and they are genuinely useful. No, they don’t clip to your tacti-cool vest or pocket, they can’t be deployed at high speed, and as thin as the blades are they aren’t optimal as a pocket fighting-knife… but they do knife stuff, and for the sort of things you are REALLY going to use a knife for, they are nearly perfect.

Whatever you’re doing there is probably an Opinel for that.

How cheap? Well, they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and handle materials so it varies, but basic knives that give you what you really need? $11-$20 each. This one cost me $17 including shipping, and I carry it every day. Believe me, this is the ONLY $15 dollar knife I would carry and depend on. They come sharp and can easily be made sharper, and they hold an edge very well. They are light-weight even when compared to modern Tacti-cool knives made from modern materials. They lock securely open securely open *and* closed.

One thing you need to understand: This is a knife. It is not a screwdriver, a pry-bar or a hatchet. It does knife stuff: opening boxes, food prep, shaving wood for kindling, cutting rope or twine. As long as you use it correctly for it’s intended use it’s great. stray from that and you’l have issues.

There have been a lot of variations on these knives over the years, from filet knives to mushroom knives. they can be had in carbon-steel or stainless.

Being cheap you can have a variety for different needs and back-ups. Being light you can pack them around easily. Being simple they are reliable and easy to clean. You can have them around for your own use, to equip companions or as trade-goods without breaking the bank.

Look into them- they are available from Amazon, direct from Opinel and many other sources.

I am not associated with Opinel in any way, did not receive compensation for this article and was not solicited to write this. I just think they are fantastic.

Michael Tinker Pearce, 15 October 2020

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1 thought on “The Humble Opinel- It’s Tactical as Hell!

  1. David P McLaughlin

    hello tinker – I’m a big fan of Opinel and have several that I bought recently…That said…do you know of anywhere where I cold buy a vintage No. 6 or No. 8 with the originally designed locking collar (one that does not have the notch and actually locks in both directions?)


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