Mini-Range Report 19 May 2017- Reloading Newb Addendum

I finished work early today and was discussing what to do this afternoon when Linda said, “I know you have those new loads- why don’t you go shooting?”

I left skid marks.

Previously all I had put through the Remington Bulldog were HSM 200gr RNFP Cowboy loads, so I was interested to see how the 185gr. reloads would compare. I had a suspicion they would be noticeably snappier, and they were a bit but nothing even approaching unpleasant. They also shot less low than the HSM loads by about 1/2. I was having a bit of trouble shooting a tight group, but that wasn’t the bullet’s fault; I couldn’t see the front sight. I fixed that by sticking a piece of masking tape over the front sight and things tightened up immediately. I think I need to do something to brighten that sight up.


7 yards rapid fire, 185gr. LSWC, 8.5gr. Unique, CCI primer

I like this load well enough, but next I want to try some heavier bullets. I love shooting the this gun, and the more I shoot it the better it gets.

I still had a bunch of the Montana Gold 125gr. Hollowpoints loaded with 5.6gr. of Unique and a CCI primer. I decided to give the Shopkeeper’s Special a good workout. Firing at 7, 10 and fifteen yards with a six-o’clock hold produced some good results for a gun with a 2-1/4″ barrel and rudimentary sights. I had a couple guys next to me doing rapid-fire for some sort of tactical course, so I pushed the speed a bit and hoped the ROs wouldn’t notice. Well, they didn’t say anything, so I guess I got away with it. The two targets were at five and ten yards respectively.

Pulling to the left a bit, but I was in a bit of a hurry. Need to work on that…

It’s very nice that the reloads are working out well. No issues with ejection in either gun, though I took to using a cleaning rod on the .45; I could get the expended shells out, usually with a firm tap on the cylinder, but it was just easier.

Great afternoon at the range, and I have to admit it was nice to be there without having to test a gun, just put some rounds downrange and see how they work out. Very relaxing.

Michael Tinker Pearce, 19 May 2017

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