Announcing my Patreon Page

Let’s face it, this hobby isn’t cheap. As a self-employed knifemaker my income is averages out decently, but it can be irregular and let’s face it- excrement occurs. When it does the first thing put on hold is ‘non-essentials,’ which includes practically everything to do with firearms, from reloading to range trips to new and interesting projects- and I’ve got a lot of those in the pipeline, including:

*A home-made single-action revolver

*A .25 Wildcat cartridge (.25 TCR) designed as a reloadable replacement for .22 and .22 Magnum

*A home-made rolling-block rifle chambered in .44-55 Walker

*Bespoke cartridge conversions in a variety of calibers, from .25 TCR to .32-20 to .45 Colt

*A chronograph to test commercial and handloaded ammunition

*Reviews of budget-minded new firearms for sporting and self-defense purposes.

*Shooting and review videos

*A double-rifle conversion

…and a lot more.

A lot of these projects require components or tools that I cannot easily afford- and this slows things down a lot. Also certain types of videos- specifically ‘how-to’ videos, cannot be monetized on Youtube. I’ve decided to let you, my readers, decide what this content is worth to you. If you are happy with things the way they are rest assured, I’m not going to stop doing this. The worst thing that happens is that nothing changes- I’ll keep right on producing the sort of content you are already enjoying at the current irregular pace. But if you find this blog interesting and value more new and original content, please consider contributing to my Patreon.


Michael Tinker Pearce 16 April 2019

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